Friday, November 2, 2012

Free eyeglass frames PLUS 6% cash back!

Are you in need of glasses or contacts? Whether it be first pair, replacements, whole family, etc. - Try your order this way (you'll get an even better deal than I did, because I just discovered the bonus!

First, have your prescription and measurements handy. This was my first time ever with the glasses experience; I had no trouble ordering, and my glasses fit great!

Go HERE to set up an account to order your glasses or contacts. You can go as far as making all of choices and putting items in your cart, or stop at account set-for now.

Then go HERE to get started with a cash-back program which pays you at the beginning of every month for purchases made during the previous month!
When your sign-up is complete, use the search to locate the store If you were still logged in, it will open your to your account, where you can simply go to your cart and complete your order.
Double check your choices, prescription and measurement information and use one of the following codes:
FIRSTPAIRFREE this code is only good for qualifying frames and only if this is your first order for glasses at this site (my frames would have been $89, and I got them FREE!)
2FOR89 is kind of self explanatory, and you also get FREE SHIPPING!
FREESHIP if you are ordering contacts instead of glasses - your order (not including shipping, processing or tax) must be over $99.
Complete your order (I had my glasses in about 7 days) and MrRebates will pay you back 6% of your check out payment.

You can make either or both of these accounts even better by referring your friends - MrRebates will credit your account $5 for each friend who signs up under your referral link, and will credit your account $20 for friends who order through your referral link.

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