Monday, September 17, 2012

I was given the opportunity to try UNREAL candy through, in the form of  BOGO coupons.
I tied to find this candy for a couple of weeks before finally locating them at my drugstore. I wasn't crazy about the price, so I decided to try for another day or two, first. My next stop was my office supply store...and believe it or not, they had the UNREAL more varieties, and at a BETTER price!
I used all of the coupons, and I and a family member and friend have tried three of the varieties. I let them know, that this was not only a gift from me, it was also a gift from, and that I wanted to know what they thought of it after they tried it.
The chocolate covered nougat and peanut candy bar was Delicious! It tastes very much like another similar candy bar that I really like. The nougat is just the right texture...not too dense, not too fluffy, and there are plenty of peanuts.
The peanut butter cup was very good, too, and I like that their candies have their logo imprinted on the bottom of the chocolate - how cute! My favorite part about the peanut butter cup was that they don't have extra packaging in the form of a fluted paper cup. Less waste, and who doesn't like to extend the enjoyment by licking the chocolate off of their fingers?
Now for the bad news... I have a favorite candy coated chocolate; I even collect all the character "dust-ables" that I can. The UNREAL counterpart in no way compares to them. Although I adore the awesome, vibrant colors of the candy, the chocolate inside, for me, leaves much to be desired. I've been trying to come up with the right term for it, and all I can think is...STICKY. Not smooth and creamy, like I prefer chocolate to be.
All in all, UNREAL candy gets a two thumbs up from me...Will they be selling multi-sized packages soon? I sure hope so!

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