Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Earner Learner 20120426 (The Intro)

I decided to add this weekly segment to help you understand how I came to get more involved in my at-home money-making endeavors.

In 2005 or 2006, when I first started learning that there were ways to earn on the internet, I pretty much signed up for everything that I found or that was suggested to me. A lot of them were these crazy "click on an ad to earn a fraction of a penny" that were either not legitimate, or would require so much clicking and waiting to earn pay-out, or you would need to have *9 million referrals to get anywhere that I just simply stopped doing them. As you might imagine, I also had an inbox full of useless emails, spammy messages, and messages from my up-line asking me to join them under "the next new 'clicky thing'".

I managed to miss out on a lot of good opportunities in my email, because they'd gotten buried in all the fluff, and I'd go through the whole list and do a mass-delete, because I was so overwhelmed by all the things that I thought I HAD to do...and I ended up doing almost nothing with any of them.
Fast forward to the nearer present:

I have created a new email address. I do NOT use this address to sign up for new things. Before I ever used this address, I set up folders to automatically funnel emails from the programs that I use most often. Then I signed into each of these programs one by one and changed my profile settings to use this new address. click here for the step-by-step Now I get into this email, open a folder and perform all of the duties for that program, delete the associated emails and move on to the next folder.

As I do sign up for new programs (much more judiciously, now) I use the previous email address, evaluate the program, and if it's a keeper I repeat the above sequence.
In the next session I will lay out all the programs that pretty much perform automatically.

* This is an exaggeration

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