Monday, March 4, 2013

Coupon Categories

Regardless of how you house your cut coupons, you should have some sort of categorizing system so that you can find the coupons you need either while you shop, or when you are formulating you lists.

Here is the list I use. You should organize them as you would use them. I split into three main categories, and then break it down into smaller alphabetized sections. If you think according to how aisles in the store are arranged, then you would sort this list much differently. You can also combine smaller categories into larger ones, or break some of them down even further to help you find your coupons as quickly as possible.

My GROCERY category contains:

Baking Supplies (this includes condensed milk and extracts, but not individual spices)
Boxed Meals & Sides (Hamburger Helper, canned soups, ethnic food components)
Bread & Bakery (pre-baked breads, but not packaged cookies and donuts)
Breakfast (cereal, pancake syrup (not KARO), but not frozen items)
Candy & Gum (this also includes fruit roll-ups and fruit snacks)
Canned Fruits & Vegetables (this includes tomato sauce and paste, but not ketchup)
Coffee & Tea
Other Beverages (canned and refrigerated juice, but not milk or dairy substitutes, water additives, but not Emergen-C or Air-Borne (these are in first aid))
Condiments, Sauces & Spices (this is where I put individual spices, gravy mixes, ketchup)
Cookies, Chips & Crackers (packaged donuts, granola bars (if they are not "healthy")
Dairy (this is where I'd put the "dairy replacements", cheese, milk)
Deli (any refrigerated meat products)
Other Refrigerated (canned biscuits, coffee creamer, pre-made Jello)
Health Foods (meal bars, dietary foods (weight loss, diabetic) Ensure)
This one may seem strange to you, but since I consider my pet's food as any other food...although bird seed and the like would go in Seasonal
Pets - which I also break down into Dogs and Cats (also other supplies, as they will be in the same aisle)
Produce & Nuts (this includes nuts (not the baking variety), popcorn, dried fruits, produce)

My Personal category contains:

Baby (diapers, formula, Pedia-Lyte)
Clothing & Miscellaneous (shoe inserts...and I hate to use misc., but some things just have to go here)
Deodorant, Soap & Lotion (basically any type of "showering" product)
Face & Make-up (this includes lotions and creams specifically for the face)
Eye Care (eye drops and so forth seemed to fill up either first aid or face and make-up, so they got their own slot)
Feminine Hygiene (which also includes sexual health and incontinence products, for lack of a better place)
First Aid This category seems to need more definition - I'm thinking Internal and External (vitamins and supplements have their own category)
Supplements (this needs its own category for sheer weekly volume, plus it's great for when K Mart or Walgreen’s have their BOGO deals)
Hair (not shaving, but wash, style color, etc.)
Hands, Feet & Nails (polish, tools)
Mouth (any oral care products)
Shaving (razors, cream, etc.)

My Household category contains:

Appliances, Tools, etc. (light bulbs, toys and games, dishes)
Batteries, Cigs, etc. (tobacco, batteries, camera film)
The cleaning category is broken down for convenience
Cleaning: Air & Scents (candles, sprays)
Cleaning: Bathroom (toilet, shower) 
Cleaning: Floors (mops, cleaners and polishes) 
Cleaning: Kitchen  (dishsoap, dishwasher products)
Cleaning: Laundry (detergent, softener) 
Cleaning: Surfaces & Sanitation (sponges, wipes and spray cleaners)
Office & School Supplies (office store coupons, paper, pens)
Paper & Plastic (paper towels, toilet tissue, storage and garbage bags, aluminum foil) 
Seasonal (water softener salt, fireplace logs, bird seed, potting soil, charcoal, furnace filters)

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