Thursday, July 5, 2012

BOLOPMS (be on the lookout for post Marlboro symptoms!)

Week One, Day One
July 5, 2012

I decided as I was reaching for the last pack of the carton, that this was my last pack of cigarettes.
I was never able to use cost as a factor in the past for a top reason for quitting...but it is sure helping now.
With a pack price going up by 20% this past week, it would mean that I would have to begin working overtime to support a nasty habit. Right now I work 36 hours per week...if I were to raise that by 20%, I have to work 43.2 hours per week. Not feasible.
Also, this would mean I could never keep up with things that need doing around the house (like laundry, shopping, etc), things that I like to do for fun (playing with the dog, spending time with my boyfriend and family, gardening and shopping)
So...this is what I get back:
$5.69 + $1.25 (price increase) + tax (8.5%) = $7.53 PER DAY!
It takes me roughly 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette, since I'm smoking about a pack a day - I will recoup 140 minutes (WOW, over 2 hours!) of my time daily.
Oh, yeah, supposedly I'll be healthier, too!

Here is the countdown:

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