Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Earner Learner 20120510 (The Amazing Clicker Earners)

In this week's Earner Learner, I'm going to focus on programs or program portions where all you need to do is click on an ad or an email or perform a web search to earn your points or money.

Hits4Pay: I've been here for a number of years - It's the only program that I still do that only involves earning by clicking on ad. The earning is slow for me, due to the fact that I have never begged people to be my referrals. You get $5.00 to start you on your way at sign-up, and can purchase ads for your other referral programs. 2 cents per ad read and $25.00 to cash out may seem like a lot of work for little reward, but they are reliable (and still around). If you are a real go-getter, you also earn on your first and second level referrals!

Search & Win

swag bucks: There is an earn tab on your home screen...You simply check each category daily to see if there is anything new that you should be doing. For the NOSO (no obligation special offers), you simply click through a series of ads, and pick up your points at the end...Take a daily poll... Now open your mail in the upper right...(it's a little annoying that they ask you to verify deletion when you've read your mail, but just a little).
You also earn from using their search tools and in the widget, plus the widget can get you bonus points!

SuperPoints: The easiest ways to earn points toward gift cards are to click on the "Lucky Button", get bonus points in your email and watch videos.

MyPoints: You can only refer friends through an email to them or by a post on facebook, so PLEASE, if you'd like to join, allow me to be your sponsor! The quickest tasks to perform are reading emails, registrations and toolbar searches.

Member Since:   6/4/2008
Total Points:   3,238 Points
Points Pending:   282 Points
Redeemable Points:   2,956 Points   (available to cash out again)
Lifetime Earned:   13,838 Points
Lifetime Redeemed:   10,600 Points   (cashed out for gift cards)


Payment Bonus   1 = $3.00   (they charge a $3.00 fee to cut you a check, but then add that back in for your next cycle)
Mailings Read   138 = $2.76
Grocery Coupons   1 = $0.10   (print and redeem from their site and earn easy money)
Cash Search Earnings   31 = $0.81 (that was easy!)

SendEarnings: Open and confirm email messages, perform searches and tasks and enter sweepstakes.

My earnings below does not even include surveys and offers I've completed...How easy is that?

Signup Bonus 1     $5.00
Mailings Read 701   $14.02

InboxPays: So easy to emails!

InboxPays Registration Bonus2011-06-25
Cash Mail Credits 2012-04-27 $16.03
Spin Wheel 2012-02-19

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